Mission Statement

The Catholic Church of the Americas (CCA) dates back to the
times of Christ.  Our denomination has been in existence for
over twenty years. Church.  The CCA accepts the theology
taught by the creedal statement of the Ecumenical Councils as
professed universally by the Church throughout the ages.  We
share with all Christians, the belief that Jesus is the Child of God
and Redeemer of humanity.  We are united with others through
the gift of Baptism.  The CCA is a sacramental, celebrating the
seven sacraments of the Church.  The CCA teaches a Catholic
faith with a loving regard for all humanity, and based on
intelligent, modern positions on social issues.  We celebrate all,
regardless of race, color, gender, or sexual orientation or
preference, nationality and socioeconomic status.
The Catholic Church of the Americas is a member of the
One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, proclaims our
mission as rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We offer a
sacramental and affirming presence to all in their diversity.  
We, as an independent Catholic community, strive for the
work of fostering unity while celebrating the various faith
traditions among Christians in accord with Jesus' prayer "that
all may be one."  As a People of God, we are called to
ministries that are loving, inclusive, and promoting of justice
to further the reign of God.
The Catholic Church of the
Americas is...
  • Small faith communities
  • Present in 3 countries
  • Vatican II Liturgy
  • Valid Tactile Apostolic Succession
  • Socially Liberal
  • Priesthood and religious life
    open to an all-inclusive population
  • Scandal-free
  • Having Your Voice Heard
  • A Divine unconditional love for all
Click here to read a welcome note from Bishop Filipe
Teixeira, the Ordinary of the Diocese of St Francis.
Click here to read a welcome note from Father
Casimir Congo, the general vicar of our parishes
in Angola and Congo.