Diocese of St. Benedict of Nursia
Diocese of St. Benedict of Nursia
The Most Reverent Denis Armand Martel
Presiding and Ordinary Bishop
Kenner, Louisiana 70065
Telephone:  504-360-2635
Cell Phone:  504-273-9598
Website: www.ourcca.org

Because it is the seat of the Presiding Bishop, the Diocesan office concerns itself mainly with outreach, vocations, publications, and general
oversight of the Catholic Church of the Americas (CCA).  It is also the seat of the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary of the Catholic Church of the
Americas which was founded and conducted by Bishop Martel for the training of future clergy within the CCA..

Any local faith community, convent, or Bible group that is in need of liturgical and spiritual leadership are strongly encouraged to contact Bishop
Martel to discuss this matter.

Up until one year ago, Bishop Martel had spent exactly 40 years as a high school teacher and college professor.  He is still called upon to devise
college curricula.  Besides being a priest in the church Bishop Martel is also a psychologist.

Because of his many contacts within the community-at-large, Bishop Martel is regularly called upon  to perform Baptisms, Penitential Rites,
Anointing of the Sick, and funerals.

Not all members of the clergy of the CCA are called to parish ministry but one's mnistry/job should be one where the clergy are witnesses to the
saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Such ministries should be thoroughly discussed with the Ordinary Bishop of the respective dioceses.