Religious Order in Africa
Religious Order in Africa
In recent months, Bishop Teixeira and the Diocese of
St. Francis of Assisi CCA have met the need of the
Cupertino (OFSJC) in Africa.  

Any person who feels called to traditional religious life
in supporting the services of the Catholic  Church of
the Americas is strongly encouraged to contact
Bishop Teixeira at
or the superior of the sisters.
Though the first vocation was born in Africa, people of
the United States and other countries are certainly
welcomed to join the community.

Father Jorge Casimiro Congo has been appointed as
the Delegate for the Order in Africa, representing the
General Superior of the Order.

Pictures on this page are of the reception of Mother
Silvania, OFSJC, the superior of the community in
Cabinda, Angola, Africa.Mother Silvania's birth name
was Silva a Mbumba Simba,