Young Cape Verdean Club
An Outreach Ministry of St. Martin de Porres
Catholic Church of the Americas
156 Grove Street
Brockton, Massachusetts 02302
Tel: 508-586-8004
Cell:  617-894-5175
Fax:  508-586-7759
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Drug Counseling
Alcohol Abuse
AIDS Prevention
Anger Management
Immigration Court
      Our Program

  • Weekly two-hour meetings at St. Martin
    de Porres CCA for court-involved Cape
    Verdean youth to build a positive
    community, teach life skills and train for
    non-violent conflict resolution.

  • Presentation and counseling by the
    Program Director, probation officers,
    and Cape Verdean/American police
    about violence and crime prevention.

  • Support to youth in graduating from

  • Education and information about
    becoming an American citizen and
    avoiding deportation.

  • Health education and referral to social
    and health services.

  • Expeditions to museums, movies,
    cultural events, and other enriching
    activities to provide positive and
    rewarding experiences to the youth.
             Street Outreach

  • Counseling Cape Verdean youth on the streets
    where they congregate.

  • Referring youth to appropriate educational, social,
    spiritual, or health resources.

  • Identifying and counseling youth who are on
    probation about staying out of trouble and following
    the terms of probation.

  • Seeking out youth who have violated probation to
    get them back into the system so they can protect
    their future in this country.
          Home Visiting and Strengthening the Family

  • Home visits for court-involved Cape Verdean youth and for youth who are in troublke at school.

  • Explanation of legal and immigrations systems tto parents as appropriate.

  • Enlisting family court support in helping court-involved youth to follow rules of probation including
    participation in the Young Cape Verdean Club.

  • Assisting family members with other social problems by referring them to ESOL classes, health centers, and
    other social support services.

  • Liaison from the Cape Verdean community to the Police Department, USCIS, ICE and the larger community.

  • Point of referral from the Police Departments, the courts and the INS to the Cape Verdean community in
    Boston, schools regarding youth issues.

  • Advocating for Cape Verdean youth in the courts and immigration system.

  • Visiting youth in prison or immigration centers to prepare them for their future, whether it is deportation or
    reintegration into the United States' community.

  • Providing opportunities for spiritual growth through organized religion or alternative means.